Small Groups

Small Groups are the building blocks of our community. A large church risks becoming impersonal but God cares for each of us, and calls us to care for each other: small groups are the main way that we respond to this important part of church life.

These groups meet during the week but aim to be communities that are always looking out for one another. They are a great way to get connected, to give and receive encouragement, help, challenge and friendship


Livingston Mums' group
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39_ofh3cfcy_thumb Josh, Marianne & Ann
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12_cqfw9exb_thumb Peter & Fiona
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32_wq9kap6r_thumb Jenny, Alan & Esme
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27_iwo9bip4_thumb Chris & Jen
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40_3mkmgyu0_thumb Mike Saner & Deb Davydaitis
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28_9bfanaf7_thumb Guy & Jocelyn
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13_jipyabck_thumb Joel & Sara
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11_nx8fbzr4_thumb Sandy & Hannah
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10_vmqrza7w_thumb Richard & Mairi
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29_wvaxmwpw_thumb West Lothian
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17_lhwesti0_thumb Edinburgh Mums' group
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