Jesus, Friend Of Sinners

2015-02-15 - Kieran Dunne

Kieran Dunne of The King's Church, Mid-Sussex, joins us to help launch our Spring Alpha Course.

God's Strength in Our Weakness

2015-03-15 - John Wyatt

Professor John Wyatt concludes his weekend with us by speaking from 2 Corinthians 4: 6-12 & 16-18. In this passage, the Apostle Paul shows us God's amazing grace and strength in the midst of our created fragility.

God's Big Picture

2015-08-08 - Simon Elliott

Simon Elliott of Jubilee Community Church, East Grinstead, shows us how principles from the life of Josiah, in 2 Chronicles 34-35, help us in what God has called us to do.

John 1:1-3 Who is Jesus?

2015-09-27 - Dave Holden

If we are to live the life God called us to, and join with Him in building His Kingdom, then we need to know who He is. Jesus does this for us.

Introducing Alpha

2015-10-04 - Phil Ford

Phil Ford from Hope Church, Glasgow, joined us to launch our Autumn Alpha Course.

Stories of Hope

2015-11-01 - Andy Wall

Following a morning of hearing how Jesus changes lives, Andy Wall concludes by looking at the story of Matthew's first encounter with Jesus.

New Creation

2015-11-08 - Dan Hudson

After an exciting evening of baptisms and testimonies, Dan Hudson showed us that, in Christ, we leave behind the old and are reborn into the new. 2 Corinthians 5: 16-18.

Vision Preach 2016

2016-01-17 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

God is calling us to glorify him in our city, and reflect the multifaceted nature of God to our city. In this message Matt outlines God's vision for us in our city, and challenges us to mix it with faith as we move into the year ahead.

An Invitation to Alpha

2016-01-31 - Adrian Holloway

Adrian Holloway joins us once again to launch this term's Alpha Course at King's.

The Strength of the Lord

2016-03-05 - Susanne McLeister

At our Women's Breakfast, Susanne McLeister of Hope Church Borders speaks about the strength and courage of the Lord, from Habakkuk 3: 19 and the story of Gideon.

Mothers' Day

2016-03-06 - Ann Clifton-Brown

This Mothers' Day, Ann Clifton-Brown looked at three different mothers in the Bible, and what we can learn from their stories.

Stories of Hope

2016-03-13 - Andy Wall

Following another morning of hearing about the hope that Jesus offers, Andy Wall concludes by looking at the story of the Samaritan woman at the well in John chapter 4.

Easter Day 2016

2016-03-27 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Through looking at the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Matt Clifton-Brown invites us to encounter the risen Jesus.

Safe Families For Children Launch

2016-04-17 - Jen Rawson & Dan Hudson

Jen Rawson shared about the opportunity for us as a church to partner with Safe Families for Children, helping share God’s love with vulnerable families in our community.

Dan briefly explained how the Bible teaches how we’re to respond to the many needs in our world we come across as Christians.

Why I Believe In Jesus

2016-09-25 - Will Tant

On our Alpha Launch Sunday, Will Tant shared his story and explained his confidence in Christianity.

It's Time For An Adventure

2016-11-13 - Dave Holden

Going on an adventure with God is not about our personality type but about the access to God and intimacy with Him we have.

Three Ways to Start the New Year Well

2017-01-08 - Cat Davison, Peter Johnson, Jackie Sihota

Stories of Hope

2017-02-12 - Andy Wall

After a morning of hearing stories about how Jesus has changed lives today, Andy concludes by showing us how Jesus responded to the leper that came to Him asking for healing at the start of Mark's Gospel.

For God So Loved The World

2017-04-02 - Nathanael Smith

Jesus has the answer to the problems of humanity. His answer to Nicodemus is the same for us: we must be born again.