Conversations with the King

Our God talks with us, and the gospels record lots of conversations that Jesus had with different people. We are looking at some of these to learn what they tell us about Him and how we can approach Him. Some will be challenging and surprising, others will be comforting; all offer us hope.

Follow Me

2020-01-19 - Chris Rawson

Chris began our evening preaching series by talking about how Jesus said "follow me". Chris showed us from this how conversations with Jesus give us a transformed view of Him, yourself, your priorities and your purposes.

You Must be Born Again

2020-01-26 - Dan Hudson

We learn from the conversation Nicodemus had with Jesus how to be born again.

Help my unbelief

2020-02-02 - Nathanael Smith

Unbelief is something we all experience, but we can do something about it. Here Nathanael Smith looks at what Jesus said about overcoming unbelief.