Going Forward

The Thessalonians were a young church recently started by the apostle Paul and his missionary team. After he was forced to suddenly leave them, he sent Timothy back to see how they were doing and was delighted to hear how well things were going. Their example, and his enthusiasm and exhortations, give us lots to explore about what a church that’s moving forward looks like.

Gospel Story

2019-09-22 - Luke Davydaitis

Paul starts his letter to the Thessalonians by asserting that the story we are all in is being told by God from first to last. Although this is difficult to comprehend, it is truly great news: proving to us that life has meaning, humbling us, and giving us confidence to obey God.

1 Thessalonians writes of what the new Christians in Thessalonica were doing well which helped them to mature quickly in their faith. Dan brought 3 points out that Paul highlighted in them, that we should also be doing to mature and to spread the Gospel.

The Heart of Godly Leaders

2019-10-13 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

In 1 Thessalonians Paul writes of the proven track record towards the church, in how they lived their lives in working hard, their attitude towards them and how they were never a burden to them. Matt taught out of 1 Thess. 2 on how these same examples and heart-attitudes should be the hallmark for all our leadership in King’s as well.

Gospel Focus

2019-10-20 - Luke Davydaitis

New Testament Christianity was focused on the return of Jesus, so we need be aware of what is going to happen and what it means for us now.