Meet the Family

Using the genealogy of the royal line from which Jesus is descended in Matthew's gospel, we’ll be looking at the lives of some Old Testament characters. What do these ancestors of Jesus tell us about the King and His Kingdom?

Explaining Genealogies

2019-07-05 - Luke Davydaitis

As we get ready for our new series, Meet the Family, on Sunday, Luke explains why genealogies are important and helpful so that we have context to what we will be looking at during the service.


2019-07-07 - Luke Davydaitis

Luke kicked off our summer series by looking at Tamar's story from Genesis 38.

Warning: this sermon contains adult themes, including sexual abuse.


2019-07-14 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

The life of Judah shows us the corrosive effect of bitterness and jealousy, but also reveals the power of repentance and reinstatement. No one is too far gone for God. He loves to forgive and reunite His people.


2019-07-21 - Lydia Simpson

Ruth was not born into the people of God, but her story reminds us that God loves the outsider. He cares deeply about the ordinary details of our life and He can be trusted, no matter how dire our circumstances seem.