Life Through God's Eyes


2017-09-10 - Luke Davydaitis

Our new preaching series starts with Paul's prayer of praise in chapel 1, looking at what it tells us about Christians being chosen by God. Seen through the life of Joseph, we can see how God is the author and main actor of everything, but that we're fully involved too.

Made Holy

2017-09-17 - Dan Hudson

Ephesians begins with these remarkable words of address: “to God’s holy people in Ephesus”, not describing a sub-group within the church but the whole church in Ephesus.

In Christ

2017-09-24 - Luke Davydaitis

Perhaps the most commonly-used phrase to describe Christians in the New Testament is “in Christ”. Its three key meanings of where we put our faith, what Christ has done for us, and how we are united to Him are vital for Christians to comprehend if we’re to understand ourselves and God’s relationship with us.


2017-10-08 - Dan Hudson

The blood of Jesus has won freedom from slavery for everyone who puts their faith in Him.

Dead, then Alive

2017-10-15 - Luke Davydaitis

Paul uses dramatic but accurate language to describe the amazing change God has made to every Christian: taking those who were spiritually dead and making them eternally alive in Jesus.