The Making of a Leader


You don’t need a title to be a leader: all of us have influence. What matters is how we use it. God has called every Christian to shape their family, their workplace, their church or ministry. He wants you to do it well.

This one-day conference will equip and inspire you to “lead with all diligence” (Romans 12:3). It’s free and all are welcome to attend.


Embracing the Preparation Season for Leadership (Dave Holden)

Navigating the Challenges of Leadership (Gia Raskino)

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Leadership (Peter Anderson)

Leaving a Legacy of Leadership (Matthew Clifton-Brown)

Developing the Values of Leadership (Tim Cocking and Jenni Davidson)


Peter Anderson

Peter planted Destiny Church and has continually reshaped it over its 20-year history to produce a church that is pioneering and gospel-centred.

Gia Raskino

Gia co-founded Justice & Care with her husband Ashley; together they have seen thousands of people rescued from human slavery and brought its perpetrators to justice.

Dave Holden

Dave started the New Ground family of churches and is an experienced leader who has identified, coached and released many leaders throughout his life.

Matthew Clifton-Brown

Matthew planted King’s Church in 2002 and saw it grow into a thriving and multiplying community before recently handing over leadership of the King’s eldership team.

Jenni Davidson

Jenni is a journalist focusing on justice and digital news; she also appears on BBC TV and radio to provide political analysis.

Tim Cocking

Tim is an entrepreneurial leader who has seen his company Bright Care become a leading and award-winning provider of care for the elderly in their homes.

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