Searching for Approval and Significance


  • Invite anyone from your group who attended the Saturday training event, "How to heal the sick" to share three key points they took away from that day. You may want to use this as an opportunity to talk more broadly about the subject of healing too.
  • Adrian's training on Saturday was about what the Bible teaches about healing rather than on personal experiences, and on stirring faith without necessarily having all the answers for when someone isn't healed; why do you think he chose to focus his teaching in these ways?
  • What did you notice about how Adrian told the story from John 4 on Sunday? What decisions do you think he made in order to address the non-Christians listening?
  • Although preaching the gospel at a church service is a very different setting from having a conversation with a colleague/friend/family member who isn't a Christian, what could you learn from Adrian's preach about personal evangelism?
  • How can you as small group encourage one another to preach all the gospel as we look to reach all of Edinburgh?