Enoch's Walk

Matthew was looking at Enoch’s faith. Look at Hebrews 11: 5-6 and then Genesis 5: 18-24. We know very little about Enoch, born a very many generations after Adam, the two memorable points are that A) he was taken by God, so he didn’t face death; and B) he was known for walking with God and was found ‘pleasing to God’. Because of the B, God took him.

Few people surprisingly are known in the bible for their ‘Walking with God’, Noah is the only other person mentioned. It can sound a bit unimpressive compared to some others mentioned; those sawn in two or Abraham being willing to sacrifice his only son!

Walking with God, not behind or in front, takes real openness, being completely honest and transparent, a sharing of heart. It is a friendship that has no hidden dark corners

First John challenges us to abide in Him, very similar language to John 15, and to walk in a manner the same as Christ; "the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked." 1 John 2:6 Jesus demonstrates this perfect walk, submitting to his father’s will at every step, even at the end when faced with the cross. There can be many challenging things for us in our walk with Christ. Matthew looked at 3 areas:

  • Money
  • Morality
  • Mission It takes faith to not walk in the same direction as the world in these areas, but to walk in step with Christ.


  • Looking at money, key spending habits of some of our colleagues, how does Christ challenge us to be different? What part of this do you find the most difficult, or do you find yourself being at times ‘out of step’ with Christ in?
  • Looking at Morality it takes faith to stay pure, whether you are married or single. We are called to be in the world but not of it, this causes us tension as it is easier to avoid all awkward situations, but we want to be a testimony of a Christ follower to our friends and yet remain pure. Talk about some of the awkward situations at work or recreationally that you have had to navigate and how you managed this.
  • Looking at Mission, God has called us to live our lives for a different purpose, this challenges our faith, as many of these things are in the future, hoped for but not seen. Share some of the times that others have questioned your motives in choices you have made because of this.
  • God took Enoch, so that he did not see death, because he was pleased with the faith he saw in him. This speaks to us of the future for us. We look forward to eternity with God, because God also sees our faith in his son. Talk about why this is such good news for us, and in particular those close to death.