Coronavirus statement

With the release of the government’s advice to everyone on Monday, we have taken the sad and temporary step of suspending all King’s Church events, and any events that were due to be held at our building.

This is an unprecedented time for us in Edinburgh but we have been planning for how to love God and our neighbours during these restrictions. We confidently believed that God’s Word is never restricted, even when we are (2 Timothy 2:9).

Here are the first updates we can give you on how we’ll be doing things differently for the next while...

We will livestream a worship service on Sunday morning, starting at 10.30am (link to follow in the coming days).

Our King’s Kids team will be getting in contact with parents and carers to give resources and ideas on how to help your children continue to grow in their knowledge of God.

Similarly there won’t be youth meetings but Gemma Morton will be arranging virtual hangouts and giving ongoing support and encouragement to our young people.

We encourage small groups to meet virtually. It’s not the same as being there in person but there is technology that we can use to help us see and talk with one another.

If you’re part of King's and having to self-isolate for whatever reason, we want to be able to pray for you and care for you. Let your small group leader know and contact the elders.

As we said last week, let’s pray for the government officials and scientists who are trying to prevent things getting worse, that they would have wisdom and success. Let’s pray for medical professionals, that they would have grace and strength to deal with the workload. Let’s pray for those who are sick, that God would comfort them and heal them. Let’s pray for those who are fearful, that they would put their trust in God alone.